The Accounting program at the College of Business introduces students to all the functional areas of accounting. Students develop an essential competency in each of these areas and complement this knowledge with study in relevant areas of business and economics.   The Accounting program also places a particular emphasis on ensuring that graduates have a clear understanding of the ethical values critical to the accounting profession, as well as an awareness of the social obligations that accompany a career in accountancy.

Finance and Banking

The specialization in Finance and Banking primes students for a variety of careers in financial institutions, corporations, and banking establishments, offering students an extensive examination of the banking and financial markets; ECUC students analyze the processes and techniques required for making managerial decisions in the successful operation of a bank and in financial services. They delve into and understand the role of banks in financial markets and how they affect and are affected by them. Stress is placed on the understanding and utilization of interest rate measurements, control, and risk through asset and liability management. An understanding of the regulations and regulatory changes, and their impact on the banking and financial sectors is also analyzed.

Real Estate and Development 

The real estate development program delves into the development and comprehension of the economic aspects of real estate markets and their behavioral changes, features, facets, and outlook.   The goal is to produce the leaders of the future in property development and investment and their related markets. As the UAE’s property development and investment markets is one of the fastest growing and most exciting in the world today, ECUC’s program will assure students are prepared to enter this fast and growing field with the skills needed to succeed. Given how real estate affects major financial markets and economic development, the study of property development and investment will also instill in the student an understanding of the financial aspects of the real estate investment and development market. Sample careers in this field include property development consultant, real estate financial analyst, property valuation analyst, urban economist, urban planner, and urban and facility manager.