Dean Speech:
On my own behalf, and on behalf of my colleagues in law department, I would like to welcome you to the impressive website of the Emirates Canadian University College.
Based on the college’s mission and department’s vision, our team works tirelessly to harness efforts and potentials to provide the suitable scientific and research environment to all our students, aiming to explore their experience and knowledge, work in accordance with an integrated policy to provide researchers with the appropriate conditions and tools to practice their scientific activities, and promote their knowledge in an atmosphere of serious scientific competition.
What law department looks forward to, can be achieved through supporting and intensifying the efforts of all its academics, students and administrators, and working together in the spirit of one team.
In conclusion, we hope that this website will be a link with the Department of Law to find out about its latest news. Wishing you all the best.
Dr. Abdulghani Qasem Taher
Dean , College of law.